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The High Calling of Marriage

One of truths that distinguishes Christianity from other faith beliefs, is that Christianity is about relationships. We see a relationship within the Godhead between the Father, the Son, and the Spirit. We also see that when God created human beings, male and female in the image of God, we were created for relationship. Firstly, for a relationship with God and then, for a relationship with each other. The first human relationship was the marriage relationship of Adam and Eve as related in Genesis 2. Every other human relationship flows out of the foundational relationship of marriage.

When the Fall occurred, one of the immediate consequences was the broken relationship between God and Adam & Eve. The Fall also impacted the relationship between Adam and Eve with each other. Sin created a barrier between us with God as well as with us and other people, our spouses included. Jesus came to redeem us from the curse of sin and restore the relationship between God and man, but also to redeem human relationships with each other.


... that we may display to the world the glorious truth of the gospel - that God loves us in our brokenness, Jesus died to redeem us, and God desires an intimate relationship with us!


In the gospel of Mark Jesus said, Love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your mind, and with all your strength.’ The second most important commandment is this: ‘Love your neighbor as you love yourself.’ There is no other commandment more important than these two.” (Mark 12:30-31, GNT) Jesus said you can sum up all the law in these two commands which focus on love and relationships. The heart of the gospel is rooted in love relationships. It is Jesus’ death and resurrection that restores us into that love relationship with God. It is Jesus’ sacrifice that allows us to fulfill his command to love each other. It is this love relationship between man and God and the love demonstrated within human relationships that declares to the world the truth of the transformational power of the gospel.

So where does marriage fit into the mission of the church to proclaim the gospel and make disciples? For most believers, the primary relationship that God has designed to demonstrate his transformational power is the relationship of marriage. Marriage is the relationship designed by God, patterned after the relationship of the Trinity, whereby God joins together an individual man and women into one flesh. Marriage is designed to fulfill our longing for companionship, intimacy, and vulnerability. Marriage is designed to raise godly generations. It creates a partnership which God uses to mold us into the image of Christ; teaching us to love our spouse and others with a selfless love in order that we may display to the world the glorious truth of the gospel - that God loves us in our brokenness, Jesus died to redeem us, and God desires an intimate relationship with us!

While there may be multiple purposes for marriage, I believe that the last two are key. First, that marriage is the crucible for our transformation into the image of Christ. God uses marriage to both reveal and transform our flaws. Secondly, Paul reveals to us in Ephesians the mystery of marriage, that marriage images to the world the relationship between God and his people. God’s design is that marriage would proclaim to the world both his love and his redemptive power. Sanctification and imaging the gospel raise the purpose of marriage to something much greater than our own satisfaction. It reminds us that our lives are for something much greater than us. As we grasp this truth, it should change the way we see and do marriage. Marriage is a high calling indeed.


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