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Premarital Counseling


In today’s culture, a little over 40% of first-time marriages will end in divorce. Experts estimate that each year, more than 200,000 marriages will end before the second anniversary.


One of the problems is that couples spend more time getting ready for the wedding day than they do to prepare for their marriage. One of the greatest gifts a couple can give to themselves is to do a premarital assessment and discuss the results with a certified facilitator. Couples who do so have a divorce rate that is 30% lower than the national average.

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Let us get you started on the right foot

At No Regretz Ministries, we are certified facilitators in the two leading premarital assessments. Having trained in both the Prepare/Enrich and SYMBIS, we are ready to help you establish a strong foundation for a healthy marriage before you start your journey together. Millions of couples have used one of these two assessments to get their marriage off to a strong start. Both tools will reveal areas of strength you have as a couple as well as areas where you can grow. One thing unique to No Regretz is that both of us will be involved in your counseling. We want to partner with you as you start this journey.

We thought we were ready, that we knew all about each other. Boy, we were wrong. Doing the premarital assessment with Johnny and Carla was the best preparation we could have for our marriage. It was great hearing from both a husband and a wife together who had worked through a lot of the challenges that marriage can bring.


-Premarital Participant

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