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Are You Ready to Challenge Your Marriage?

Are you in a rut? Have you settled for an “ok” marriage? Do you want more?

If I were guessing, I would say that more wives than husbands are going to respond with a “maybe”. I think the way God wired women in general is that they are very relational. They are aware of the temperature of the marriage. Many times, if there is no obvious conflict/fighting, a man is content. He is fine, with how things are going along. (you men out there that disagree, can write me 😊)

So, maybe we do settle at times. Maybe we don’t realize that our marriages can be so much more. I am not asking marriage to be what only God can be to each and everyone one of us, but many times, we are not experiencing everything God had in mind when He created marriage.

My challenge to you is to ask yourself some questions. Be willing to take an honest look at your marriage. Maybe these questions might help you start thinking about this.

  • Are we closer, more connected than we were a year ago?

  • What would being closer /more intimate look like?

  • Have we every set a goal /vision for our marriage?

  • Have we ever really talked about what we would like in our marriage?

  • Do I know what my spouse wants or needs from me?

  • Do I know how my spouse wants to be loved?

  • Do I intentionally try to love my spouse in the way language or style that they want?

  • Do I have any idea how often my spouse would like to be sexually intimate?

  • Have we ever talked about our sex life?

  • Where would we like to be in our marriage, this time next year?

You get the idea. I can give you more later 😊. I challenge you to ask yourself these questions. If you are brave enough, ask your spouse! Be willing to listen & really hear what they have to say. You might be really surprised to see what happens.


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