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Marriages that Flourish 
in All Seasons

No Regretz Ministries

Johnny and Carla Morton


“I’ve known Johnny and Carla Morton for more than thirty years.  They have a proven track record of devotion to the Lord, love for the church, and fidelity to God’s Word.  By both experience and training, they are superbly equipped to help strengthen marriages in your church.  I recommend No Regretz Ministries wholeheartedly!” 

~ Tim McCoy, Lead Pastor, Ingleside Baptist Church, Macon, Georgia.

Our Programs

No Regretz Marriage Podcast

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Let's talk about what matters when building a strong marriage

Do marriage right and it can be as close to heaven on earth as you can get. Do it wrong - let's just say it can be a little warmer. Dive into our podcast to learn more about us and our heart for strong and healthy marriages.

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